Tree Ordinances
In an effort to preserve our City’s beautiful canopy of trees, the City has adopted an ordinance to manage their preservation and/or removal.
Tree Preservation A tree permit is required to remove a tree 8" or larger in diameter.  The fee for a tree permit is $25.00 if the tree is currently alive or not diseased; however it is waived if a dead, dying or fallen tree is removed for public safety or to prevent damage to property.  The owner is required to replace the tree per the specifications of
Tree Removal due to Construction A Tree Survey is required as part of the overall Plan Check process.  Upon approval, proper protection shall be implemented for existing trees and trees that are removed shall be replaced per the specifications of Ordinance 745.

In the case of both permits, there will be an inspection to assure that the proper tree has been removed and new tree(s) planted if necessary.  Attached is a list of replacement trees per Ordinance # 745.  Tree Replacement List

The tree permit may be obtained at the City Office located at 8301 Westview, Houston, TX 77055 Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM. 
If you have any questions, please call the City Office at 713-973-1779.