Utility Bill Adjustment


The City may allow a water leak adjustment (credit) because of loss of water through an “excusable effect” in the customer’s water line.  In order to receive an adjustment, the customer must complete the Water Leak Relief Application and submit it and the required documentation to the City Administrator.  A credit may be given for up to one-half of the rate charged for usage in excess of the yearly average.  If the applicant has been a customer for less than one year, then the City may delay the adjustment for a sufficient period of time to calculate the average water usage.   The adjustment is limited to a maximum of one (1) billing cycle consisting of two (2) months usage and must be requested within six (6) months of the repair of the leak.  The adjustment will be a credit shown on the customer’s next billing cycle after the adjustment is approved by the City.  A customer may not apply for more than one (1) adjustments in any twelve (12) month period.